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February 16, 2022


Dear Albemarle School Family,

As you are aware, Albemarle School has followed the StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit throughout this recent health crisis and will continue to follow the guidance in this toolkit.  There have been some recent revisions that we want everyone to be aware of.

When school resumes on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, masks will become optional.  Students and staff are still to have a mask with them at all times.  Teachers may require the wearing of masks when students are in close proximity during small groups or other such activities.  Additionally, students who may be in close proximity to a student or staff member who have tested positive will no longer be required to quarantine away from school.  Students who are in close proximity will be notified and will be asked to wear a mask for the following ten (10) days, but may continue to come to school as long as they remain symptom free.

Thank you for your understanding with these changes and for your diligence in helping Albemarle School remain operational during these uncertain times. 

On another note, registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins March 15, 2022 for returning students.  If you know of any new families that would like to attend Albemarle School, their enrollment opens on April 12, 2022.

Again, thank you for making Albemarle School a great place to work and learn.  I continue to wish everyone continued good health and safety.


Melvin L. Hawkins

Albemarle School and Preschool is designed to promote and meet students' educational, social and emotional needs. Schools, whether they are public or independent, are not designed to serve as a political platform in any manner. With such, staff, students and/or visitors are to refrain from advertising, endorsing, or in any manner attempt to persuade any individual on the campus of Albemarle School and Preschool. This includes, but is not limited to the distribution of election propaganda suchs as fliers or stickers, the wearing or displaying of any single political candidate or platform, and displaying a flag or similar emblem on a vehicle. 

Staff and/or students may engage in discussion or debates in class, but the staff member shall in no way try to influence their personal views on any student or other staff member. 

Students who are found in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. Students who display any real or perceived endorsement of a single political candidate will be treated similarly as any student who may be in violation of the dress code. Other such violations of this policy will be handled on a case by case basis by administration. 

Staff members who are in violation of this policy may receive disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. 


Procedural changes must take place for the safety and well being of our students and staff. These procedural changes may be adjusted as we move through the year. Just as with fire drills, tornado drills, intruder drills, adjustments are made. The following items are for your review and understanding as we prepare to return to school. At this time, these items are others that may follow are non-negotiable and must be adhered to. This list is not or may not be all-inclusive. 

Before School Care & After School Care

To keep our students and staff as safe as possible, one of the logistical changes is to keep students in their grade level cohort groups as much as possible during the day. Because our before and after school care brings students from multiple grade levels together, this will not be offered at the beginning of the year. As we move forward into this year, this will be reevaluated. Parents who wish to have this service are asked to contact the main office to have their names put onto a list for reference. 


Drop Off

Students are to be dropped off no earlier than 7:40 AM. They are to report directly to their homeroom class or the class where directed. Upon arrival, all vehicles are to enter the gravel parking lot and make the full loop by the trailers. Preschool parents will be able to drive to the entrance. These parents will walk their child to the door to be screened before entering. While in the vehicle, parents will answer questions: 

  • Have you or any of your children had close contact (within 6 feet or at least 15 minutes) in the past 14 hours with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or has any health department or health care provider been in contact with you advised you to quarantine? 
  • Do you or any of the children you are dropping off have any of these symptoms? 
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
    • New Cough 
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • If the response is NO for these questions, students will be temperature checked. If it is below 100.4, they may proceed into school. 


Students who enter the main building are to enter through the front door main entrance. No students with the exception of Preschool shall enter the Preschool entrance. 


Students may be dropped off in the area between the cafeteria and gymnasium. Parents can see their child move through the courtyard to their classroom. 

Middle School

Students may be dropped off near the trailers. These students are to report directly to their homeroom classrooms. 

High School

Students are to enter the high school through the gymnasium door nearest the concession stand. This door is designated as enter only. No students is to enter the high school through the door by the breezeway. The breezeway door is designated as exit only. 


Student Pick Up

Kindergarten and 2nd-grade students are to be picked up from the cafeteria. Students will be seated in the cafeteria socially distanced. Parents can see inside and pick up their child from there. Parents are NOT to enter the cafeteria. The student will be sent to the parent. 

1st-grade students will be picked up from the front door (main entrance). These students will be in the media center. Parents are to wait outside and come to the main entrance and their child will be sent to them. Parents are NOT to enter the media center. 

3rd, 4th, & 5th-grade parents are to wait in the courtyard area. Teachers will see you and send your child to you. Parents are not to congregate by the classroom doors. If possible and if spaces are available, parents may park in the area between the cafeteria and gymnasium. 

Middle & High School Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to meet you at the vehicle. Parents are not to get out of their vehicle to pick up students. They may get out of the vehicle to assist students with putting items into the vehicle.


Temperature Checks during the day 

Students will be temperature checked during the day. If at anytime a student's temperature is 100.4 or higher, parents will be notified to immediately pick up their child. It is therefore important to have up to date information including emergency contacts who may be able to pick up students in case of an emergency. Additionally, parents are not to give their child any fever-reducing medication and send them to school. If a student has a fever, keep them home. There will be no perfect attendance award and excused absences will be a little more lenient. Students are allowed up to 20 days of excused absences but will be reviewed on a case by case basis if/when necessary.  


Middle school and high school students can still move through the cafeteria to pick up their break items, but they must bring these items back to their classroom or remain outside socially distanced. They may use this time to eat in the courtyard area or picnic tables. Students will not be able to eat in the gym or play basketball, volleyball, 4-square, etc. during break time. 


Kindergarten will have their lunch brought to them. They will have their lunch served to them in the classroom. 

1st and 2nd-grade students who choose to have lunch prepared by the cafeteria will dine in the cafeteria socially distanced. Students who bring their lunch will dine in the classroom. No microwaves will be available.

 3rd, 4th, & 5th-grade students who choose to have lunch prepared by the cafeteria will dine in the cafeteria or may eat at the picnic tables in the courtyard area. Students who bring their lunch will dine in the classroom. No microwaves will be available. 

There may be times when it is practical that one class or grade level may dine in the cafeteria rather than in their classroom. 

Middle School students who choose to have lunch prepared by the cafeteria will dine in the cafeteria or outside by the picnic tables. Students who bring their lunch from home will dine in their classrooms. No microwaves will be available. No students will be allowed to enter the gym during lunchtime to play basketball, volleyball, etc. or play 4 square outside. Middle school students who only want a snack item may move through the cafeteria to pick up these items and take them back to their class or eat them outside around the picnic tables. 

High school students who choose to have lunch prepared by the cafeteria will dine in the cafeteria or outside by the picnic tables. Students who bring their lunch from home will dine in their classrooms. No microwave will be available. No students will be allowed to enter the gym during lunchtime to play basketball, volleyball, etc. or play 4-square outside. High school students who only want a snack item may move through the cafeteria to pick up these items and take them back to their class or eat them outside around the picnic tables. 

Preorders in the morning for lunch and break is necessary. There will be no extras prepare in the cafeteria for students to "take a chance" that there is something extra prepared. 


This is a popular game played outside before school, during breaks and lunch, and after school. Since this requires students to touch the same item and unable to socially distance, 4 square will be suspended until further notice.  

Hand washing and hand sanitizing 

Each classroom will have hand sanitizer available and is to be used frequently, especially upon entering the classroom and/or exiting the classroom. Hand washing in the restrooms is encouraged to be done multiple times during the day. To remain as safe as possible, it is requested that students wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, get their paper towels before turning off the water and use the paper towels to turn off the water before drying their hands. This same paper towel can be used to open the door before disposing of the paper towel in the trash. This will help avoid touching any door handle with the bare hands. 

Hand washing is a good practice and one that needs to be practiced at any location. It is advised that parents work with their child on the proper handwashing procedures with soap and water at home before school begins. 

Restroom use 

Students will still be able to use the restroom when necessary. Students will be limited to no more than four (4) students at any one time being in the restroom at any time. If multiple students are waiting to enter the restroom, they are to remain socially distanced. 

Face masks/face coverings

Face masks, face coverings, and/or face shields are required upon entry into the school, during class change, and during class or at any other time social distancing is not possible. Face coverings may not be practical every minute of the day. It is impossible to eat or drink with the face coverings, therefore they may be removed during these times. Face coverings are required for Albemarle School and Preschool to open. Face covering is required in all areas of the school, including the bus. Even students or parents who indicate they have a health issue that prevents them from wearing face coverings will be required to wear them during the above mentioned times. Face coverings are mandated and do help slow the spread of this virus, and other viruses, therefore it is mandatory as well as a good sign of respect for others. 

Face coverings are particularly important and necessary if the need occurs to have an intruder drill or tornado drill or if there is the actual need for these when social distancing cannot be maintained, therefore, every student shall have a face mask or face covering with them at all times. 

The face mask or face covering is the responsibility of the parent. If your child does not have one already, now is the time to purchase one. Albemarle School is working to secure a location where you may be able to purchase an Albemarle School logo designed face mask. It is also important to have your child practice wearing the face-covering at home. Begin with short amounts of time and increase it a little each day so students will be more comfortable wearing them. Also, it is important to teach them the reasons for and importance of wearing these face coverings. 


Students will be brought into school over the first three days in small groups with an early release on these days. We have to realize students and staff have not been operating in a "normal" school setting for approximately five months. There are many procedural changes that must be explained, practiced, and followed, therefore, having smaller groups allows staff to better educate students with these changes. It also allows for staff to educate parents on the drop-off and pick up procedures. 


Athletics is advised and governed by the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association. This organization established guidelines for practices, age requirements, academic requirements, and much more. Students will be notified of practice times and game schedules. More specific information regarding athletics will be shared with these students and parents.  

If/when games are allowed, the locker rooms will be off-limits to visiting teams. Additionally, Albemarle School student-athletes will be required to change into their uniform before leaving campus. This will be a practice at all TIC conference schools.

If/when games are allowed to play, there will be some changes to seating arrangements for spectators. Additionally, students who choose not to travel on the school bus will be required to have permission and may only travel with their parents or an approved driver. Again, more details with this will be provided for these students and parents. 

In previous years, students had a classroom where they could go after school to complete schoolwork while they waited for their practice time. There are more student-athletes than can be socially distanced in a single classroom, therefore, this practice will have to be adjusted. Students who are waiting for their practice may be socially distanced in the gymnasium bleachers where they can work on assignments and wait for their practice time. Students are encouraged to leave campus and return for practice when possible.

If students do remain on campus to wait for their practice and parents want to bring them a snack, parents are to call or text the student and the student will come to the vehicle. It is encouraged that if a student needs a snack before their practice, they pack this and bring it with them to school. 

Class Meetings 

Class meetings will not be able to take place in larger groups. Therefore, meetings that took place in the past where the headmaster shared specific information will not be held. Instead, students will receive information on procedural changes from their teachers during the initial days. 

Open House

Open House will not be able to take place as in the past. We cannot bring scores of people onto our campus at any single time. To allow for students to meet their teacher, pick up schedules, drop off items for the classroom set up their locker, etc. we will follow the following schedule: 

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade: Parents may drop off supplies and meet the teacher on August 12 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. 

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade: parents may drop off supplies and meet the teacher on August 13 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. 

Middle School - parents may drop off supplies, pick up schedules meet teachers and/or students may set up their locker on August 13 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. 

High School - parents may drop off supplies, pick up schedules, meet teachers and/or students may set up their locker on August 14 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. 

Lockers for student use

Students in the high school and middle school will be limited as to the times when they can stop and use their lockers. This is to avoid and reduce any grouping in the hallway. 

High school students may access their lockers before school and after 2nd and 4th periods as well as the end of the day. 

Middle School students may access their lockers before school and after 3rd and 5th periods as well as the end of the day. 

If necessary, students may obtain permission from their teacher during class to access their locker on a case by case basis. 

Parent entry into the school

Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter any classroom. If a parent has the need to enter the building, they must report to the office to handle any business. Parents may not walk their child to class. This is particularly important for parents who have students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. Since these classes are located near the preschool classrooms, we have to follow the more strict guidelines of the preschool. 

Over the summer, preschool students and parents adjusted quickly and well to this. These parents understood the regulation of not being able to walk their child to class and the students quickly knew the routine of having their temperature checked. It very quickly became a routine for their day.

Cashless cafeteria 

The FACTS billing system allows for parents to put money on their child's account or parents may bring a cash check to the finance office for cafeteria sales. This will alleviate any slowing down at the cash register as well as reducing the exchange of money from hand to hand. 

While we transition to a cashless cafeteria, if purchases have to be made with cash, it must be exact change only. This is to avoid any additional passing of money from one person to another. 

Cleaning and sanitizing

Albemarle School and Preschool have added hours to allow for two full-time custodians. These custodians have a set and specific time and area they are to clean during the day and after school. To assist, the middle school and high school students may be asked to sanitize their seating area after class, dispose of the Clorox wipe, hand sanitize and transition to their next class. This keeps students from touching no other person's germs on the desk except theirs. Additionally, it helps teach students about respect, responsibility and reminds them constantly this virus exists. 


Students are to refrain from touching doorknobs or handles as much as possible. If a student is asked to be the "door holder" they are to immediately wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. Older students are encouraged to use their back to open push doors when possible. Teachers are to open and close their individual classroom doors. 

Sharing of items

Students are not to share items such as pencils, pens, scissors, paint brushes, etc. 


The water fountains will be covered and not allowed for student or staff use. Students are to bring their own water bottle and if necessary another bottle of bottled water to refill. Water bottles are not to be shared. 


Recess will still be a part of the day for our elementary students. On days when students can go outside, students will be able to have recess in different areas depending on grade level. For example, 3rd grade may be on one end of the soccer field while 4th graders are on another. Students will hand sanitize and/or wash their hands after recess and before returning back to the classroom. In the event of inclement weather and outside recess is not possible, students may have their recess time beside their desks in their classroom or a class may go to the gym if it is available during that time. 

Hold Harmless Agreement

Parents are to review the Hold Harmless Agreement. While this is a voluntary document, it is required for any student or parent to enter Albemarle School and Preschool. Refusal to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement will result in a student not being able to attend Albemarle School. 

We are working to have this form and other forms with the ability to sign electronically to avoid sending paper, therefore reducing the opportunity to transmit any germs or viruses. 

Student traffic Flow 

All students will walk on the right side of the hallway with their hands by their side. No students are to touch each other or touch the wall. During any transition, students and staff are to wear their face covering. 

K-2 ... The door nearest the cafeteria will be designated as an exit only. All students who are transitioning to a location outside of the main building will exit through this door. The door by the ramp will be designated as entrance only. Students and staff are to wear face coverings during all class changes. 

3-5... Again, students will move on the right side under the covered walkway socially distanced. During class change, students and staff are to wear face coverings. 

Middle School... To avoid any congestion on the deck of the middle school. All traffic will move in a clockwise direction. This means, students, leaving Ms. Laster's classroom will exit down the ramp and back up the steps by Mrs. Rajnes' classroom. Students dismissing from Ms. Hollingsworth's classroom will move towards Mrs. Lasster. In the case of rain, students need to bring an umbrella. During all class changes, students and staff are to wear their face covering. 

High School... All traffic will move in a clockwise direction. The door by the breezeway is designated as exit only. All students are to enter the high school through the gymnasium door nearest the concession stand. In the case of rain, traffic will be adjusted to allow for passing in the hallway on the right side. Again, during any class change, students and staff are to wear their face covering. 

Clubs and club meetings 

Club meetings will be suspended for in-person meetings until further notice. Club meetings an be held virtually if and when possible. 


The gymnasium will be off-limits before school, during break, and during lunches. During the day, students are to enter the gymnasium through the door located nearest the concession stand. The door nearest the ticket booth is designated as exit only. Students are not to exit through the door near the concession stand unless directed by the teacher or in the case of an emergency. 

To assist with traffic flow and to reduce individuals passing by each other in close proximity, during any athletic event or other such event held in the gymnasium, the door nearest the ticket booth will be designated as enter only and the door nearest the concession stand will be designated exit only. 

PPP Hours

Opportunities for PPP hours will be limited, especially as the school year opens. As a result, the Board has agreed to adjust the number of PPP hours to an amount lower than the initial total of 40. Parents are to be creative with how to obtain these hours and are asked to ask their child's teacher how they may be able to get these hours. Even though the total number of PPP hours will be reduced, it is important that parents keep track of these hours and begin working on them as soon as possible. 

Parents generally secured many of their PPP hours by chaperoning field trips in previous years or working athletics at the ticket booth or concession stand. These opportunities will be limited. There may be opportunities such as donating copy paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, or other items. Additionally, parents may consider working after school hours or weekends on the grounds by removing weeds, limbs, or other items. 




Dear Albemarle School & Preschool Family, 

While we remain optimistic about the start of school on August 17, there still remains many unanswered questions. We have schedules prepared to open with a normal operating schedule with some safety restrictions. These include things such as recommendation of face covering (masks), walking on the right side of hallways to help with one way traffic, some lunches and breaks eaten in the classroom, separating groups during recess, elective teachers going to the classroom rather than the students moving when possible, and a few others. 

However, we are also preparing different scenarios if we are mandated to operate at less than full capacity. These include A/B Days (alternating) and partial days or early release days. The A/B day scenario would mean that a portion of the class reports on designated days while the others are completing assignments via distance learning. The other scenario with this is that a portion reports in the morning hours and the other portion reports in the afternoon hours. This would give everyone some face to face time in smaller groups on a daily basis. The early release scenario would allow time in the afternoon to clean and sanitize before the next day. 

None of the scenarios will be perfect for all, but there are many considerations. The list of considerations to include, but are not limited to:

  • The physical safety of our students, staff and parents/home;
  • The emotional needs of our students and staff;
  • The need for face to face time with students and teachers;
  • Daily child care for our parents so they can continue to work;
  • Consideration of families that may not have reliable Internet access;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the building. 

I will be meeting with other Heads of School from the TIC Conference in July. During that time we will all discuss plans for opening school. These schools are all similar in size and orientation. To help us prepare, I would like to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to respond to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or if you would like, you can call me or come by and speak with me directly. 

I wish you all a very safe holiday weekend and I hope everyone remains safe throughout the remainder of your summer. 


Melvin L. Hawkins

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