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What is the Parent Participation Program?

Albemarle School has a Parent Participation Program (PPP) that is implemented throughout the school year.  The Parent Participation Program is intended to address the tremendous shortfall between Albemarle School tuition vs. actual operating costs.  This is a “fair share” program with various names that is practiced in many private schools around the country, including some in our region.

Our Parent Participation Program requires parents and /or family of every student attending K – 12 to provide 40 hours of service to Albemarle School.  This program makes a positive impact on a significant portion of the shortfall in a fair and equitable manner for all Albemarle School families.


Cost for goods and services continue to rise significantly. Fundraisers have done well in past years. These proceeds are used to fund sports, playground equipment, clubs, and field trips as well as used for operating cost shortfall. Tuition at Albemarle School will remain the same for the upcoming school year, but the expenses to operate the school continues to increase. Many parents have helped out in the past and some expenses were offset by using parents’ expertise. We need to continue to utilize your assistance whenever possible to cut down expenses.

PPP hours may be served during the academic year.  Families are to complete at least 10 PPP hours per grading period.  Families unable to complete those hours will be assessed $15.00 per hour not served.  Families may pay any or all 40 hours in advance or prorate the cost over the contract period.  Families are reminded that beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, 20 of the 40 hours are to be completed in person. Service hours must be completed or paid before report cards will be issued.  A record keeping form for service hours performed is available in the front office or the links below. Parents and families are responsible for keeping track of hours worked and turning them into the front office. Hours must be signed and approved either by a Board Member, PTO member, or Faculty member.