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The “Booster's Club“ of Albemarle School is a hard-working group of individuals who provide financial support for our athletic teams and sports facilities. They sponsor events to raise money to supplement our athletic program. These are the individuals who man the admission gates at our sporting events, operate concession stands, provide transportation when the school activity bus is unavailable. These individuals are also responsible for maintaining fields and courts as well as investing in improvements and equipment.  There are also responsibilities which include assisting with fundraising, and helping to find “Buck Shot” sponsors and “Cake Raffle” donors for home basketball games. 

Volunteers are always welcome to become a part of the Boosters Club and to pitch in and help our sports programs.



Gennis Edwards, Chair

Open Position, Vice-Chair

Open Position, Treasurer

Lori Meads, Secretary

Concerns, Questions or Comments can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your sponsorship provides critical support for our programs and includes you on our mailing list so you can stay up-to-date on events, programs and other opportunities for your student-athlete(s). 

Sponsorship Levels 

$15 – Athletic Family Club – 1 PPP hour + 1 Free admission pass* + 1 Free Popcorn Coupon 

$30 – Team Members Club – 2 PPP hours + 2 Free admission passes* + 2 Free Popcorn & Soda/Water Coupons 

$50 – Assistant Coaches Club – 3 PPP hours + 1-Sport Athletic Season Pass* + $10 Colt Concession Cash Coupon 

$100 – Head Coaches Club – 6 PPP hours + 2-Sport Athletic Season Pass* + $20 Colt Concession Cash Coupon 

$300 – Athletic Directors Club – 20 PPP hours + 2 Athletic Season Passes* + $30 Colt Concession Cash Coupon + Advertising in the gym 

$500 – Headmasters Club – 30 PPP hours + 1 Family Athletic Pass (up to 5 individuals) +$50 Colt Concessions Cash Coupon + Advertising in the gym + 2 FREE Albemarle School T-shirts 

Explanation of Passes:

Free admission pass = 1 home game per pass

1-sport athletic pass = all home games for one chosen sport

2-sport athletic pass = all home games for two chosen sports

Athletic season pass = all home games for every sport

Family athletic season pass = all home games for up to five family members 




If you are in need of PPP hours please sign up to help work at one of the upcoming home basketball games. Everyone is able to help, even if your child is not yet involved in the athletics program. All parents and/or guardians of student-athletes are required to serve at least two hours per sport. There are several opportunities to do this during game times, including admission, grilling, concessions and clean up. This will help spread the overall burden amongst all parents of athletes throughout the season.