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2018-2019 School Year Off to a GREAT Start

The 2018-2019 school year for Albemarle School is shaping up to be one of the best!  Here are a few reasons why:

1 Our high school students are now equipped with Chromebooks.  We are so excited to have this technology available!

2 New lights were installed in the parking lot for a brighter, safer environment. 

The gym is looking fantastic thanks to new bleachers and a new paint job!

The cafeteria has a new air conditioning system.

We were able to add a Soccer team to our athletic program.

6 The Candyman fundraiser was a great success!  Thank you so much to anyone and everyone that had a hand in it.  Stay tuned for item pickup and "Main Event" details.

The fall athletic teams have done very well this year.  Our athletes received the following honors:

  • Cross Country
    • The girls team won the conference tournament and Katie Hansen received first place.
    • The boys team won the conference tournament and Logan Dunn received first place.
    • Katie Hansen received Top Female Runner of the Year!
    • Logan Dunn and Alana Shown received All Conference honors
  • Soccer
    • Josh Hooper, Raymond Hooper and Logan Dunn made the All Conference Team.
  • Volleyball
    • Patsy Cooper received Coach of the Year!
    • Brooke Perry received TIC Player of the Year!
    • Samantha Nixon received All Conference honors.
    • Taylor Stallings made the All Tournament Team.

Our middle school students are enjoying the new STEM class this year.  Ms. Owen is planning numerous exciting science, technology and math activities for them!

Stay tuned as the year progresses for more updates and accomplishments!


Friday, January 19th, 2018 held a crowded gymnasium for the Albemarle School. Family, friends, and even former Alumni attended the game against the Terra Ceia Knights to celebrate the homecoming festivities. The basketball players and cheerleaders brought their all to the Knights in hopes of victory. The Varsity Girls team held their own in the game and were able to take the win. The JV Boys also had a tough game but were able to come out on top.

After the nail-biting victory for the JV Boys, the Homecoming Ceremony took place. These students were voted by their peers to represent their class for the ceremony. This year, the representatives included both males and females, which is a throwback to 2001, the last time the homecoming ceremony included male representatives from sixth through the tenth grades.

The sixth-grade representatives included Sydney Abeyounis, Cayden Harrison, Madelyn Delosreyes, Rylan James, Elise Gauger, Trenton Harris, and Kaley McPherson.  

The seventh-grade representatives were Sam Biggs, Miranda Parker, Trenton Sawyer, Lauren Wasson, Ethan Mercer, Jasmine McKnight, and Zeke Durren.

Representing the eighth-grade were Yasmeen Albarati, Donovan Sherlock, Jesi Nixon, and Cole Langley.

The freshmen representatives for the 2018 homecoming court included Sylvia Jennings, Christian Lacher, Monique Guzman-Torres and Logan Dunn. Representing the sophomore class, Carol Rajnes, Garrett Small and Taylor Stallings. The junior class representatives were Emma Ervin and Deniz Becki. Lindsay Winslow, Myra Roach, and Spencer Wentz were our senior representatives.

Special thanks to the King and Queen of 2017 to help with the ceremony, Dante' Foreman and Kaitlyn Riddick. Another mention of thanks goes out to the King of 2015, Christopher Godfrey for his expertise in crowning our new court.

The Duke and Duchess were Zeke Durren and Miranda Parker. The Prince and Princess were Logan Dunn and Taylor Stallings. The Queen and King for 2018 were Lindsay Winslow and Spencer Wentz.



An accreditation team that visited Albemarle School on March 6th and 7th recommended continued accreditation to the AdvanceEd Accreditation Commission. The team was impressed by how much the students love the school, how respectful the students are, and by how supportive our parents are. Of course, they were also impressed with our teachers!

Tracie Simpson did an outstanding job leading this effort. Thanks to the students, parents, Board of Directors and teachers for participating and being so supportive during this process.