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Basketball season is upon us. This season carries some greater risk than the fall sports season. Players will be in much greater close contact with their opponents, therefore increasing the opportunity for colds, flu or Covid. The Board has agreed to allow Albemarle School to play basketball this season with the condition we play conference schools only. Each of the schools in the TIC conference have agreed on the same protocols for play. 

Each school conducts screenings at school during the day as well as requiring face coverings at all athletic events. Face coverings will be required of all (spectators, players, coaches, etc.) and at all times during the games. This includes players who are on the bench. Entry to the games will be limited to essential personnel and one spectator (over the age of 21) for each player. This allows parents to be able to attend the games in a limited capacity. Players will receive additional information on this process. The games will be played as normal, but spectators will have to wait outside of the gym between games to allow time to clean and disinfect the gym and bleachers. Locker rooms will be available, but it is advisable for players to arrive at the game in uniform (sweatsuit over uniform) to reduce the amount of time in a locker room where social distancing is not possible. 

To help reduce the opportunity for exposure to any virus, the bus will not be used to transport our student athletes. This is to eliminate putting many students on a bus together where social distancing is not possible and to avoid having students sit in a gym for long periods of time waiting for their game to begin or to wait for the other games to end. Parents will be required to transport their child or transport others. If parents are going to transport others, they will be required to provide proof of insurance with the main office. If you have questions regarding this please contact the office. 

With the greater risk factor, it is important to share this information with you. To be transparent with the risk factor, if a player from an opposing team or even our team tests positive for Covid, each player from both teams may be required to self quarantine for 14 days. 

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as schedules may be adjusted during the year as a result of Covid issues or other mandates that may be shared with us. 

With great appreciation

Melvin L. Hawkins.