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Hi I am a student at Albemarle School, our mascot is a Colt. I have been going to Albemarle School for two years this will be my third year attending this school.    I grew up in North Carolina mostly accept I moved to Northern Virginia for one year then I came back here.  I play sports for Albemarle Colts including junior varsity softball, junior varsity basketball, and junior varsity volleyball I am also in sports club at Albemarle School and play travel softball for High Voltage 12-u. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, swimming, softball, and jumping on my trampoline.  When I graduate high school I would like to go to UNC Chapel Hill and become a doctor and play college softball, and basketball.  My favorite part of the school day is probably lunch time. The reason I enjoy lunch is you get to be with your friends and sometimes even make new friends. Also at lunch you can go in the gym to play basketball, volleyball depending on the time of the year.  Overall, I really enjoy being a student at Albemarle School.   Plus, we have amazing teachers at Albemarle School.