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I am an Ambassador at Albemarle school. I am a Center player at AoA. I am in music club here at Albemarle school. I was born in Ohio, but we moved to Tennessee shortly after I was born. My family moved to Oklahoma when I was 7. I didn’t like living in Oklahoma much and was glad my mom changed jobs and we moved to Lumberton NC. Unfortunately, none of us liked living there and we moved here to Elizabeth City and we love it here! I came to Albemarle school in the fourth grade after Christmas. Now it's been over a year and a half since I came to attend Albemarle school and I like my friends and teachers.  


One of my favorite childhood memories is probably when I went to the amusement park Carowinds with my family on the move to NC. I love roller coasters!


I have a dog, a miniature Aussie Doodle. Her name is Cali, short for California where she was born. She was born on May twenty fifth. She is a very active little dog!



I really love being in Center Players. My favorite production so far was 101 Dalmatians.  I enjoy the acting and dance lessons we are taught.  We just got a new director at Center Players, Sue Ellen.  


I am so excited to be in the Ambassador program and I'm so excited to see what we are going to do.


Your friend Belle