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 Highlights of 2017

2017 was a fantastic year at Albemarle School. As we look forward to an even greater year in 2018, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the staff members, students, parents and board members for their contributions to Albemarle School. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a great group of students and staff members. As the New Year approaches, it is always important to reflect on the past year. Thanks to hard work and dedication, we have much to celebrate at Albemarle School. Here are the Top 10 Highlights of 2017:

1 One of our students, Sydney Abeyounis, won a NATIONAL award in a writing contest. She was in competition with students in different states. Her class was given a pizza party by the sponsor, and our third-grade classroom received free lighting. Congratulations again, Sydney

2  We welcomed three international students in May. Two students from Africa and one student from Turkey joined our Albemarle Family.

3   The three international students joined the other Albemarle Choral Group students to sing the National Anthem at one of our home games. This touching, beautiful performance had spectators brushing the tears from their eyes. Thanks to the music club coaches, Ms. Allie Cartwright and Ms. Bonnie Brady, for an outstanding performance. The music club also received rave reviews from their Christmas Carol performance at the Museum of the Albemarle.

4   The athletic program, under the leadership of Coach Dunn, continues to grow. This year Albemarle School had an excellent cross-country team. Logan Dunn and Katie Hansen placed first in the regional and conference competitions. Katie Hansen and Raymond Hooper were selected for All-Conference honors and Logan Dunn was selected as the top male runner in the conference. The basketball and cheerleading programs have continued to grow and improve as well. Kudos to all the athletes and coaches!

  Albemarle School received a sorely-needed PA system from Mr. Brad Parham. We now have a dependable system for athletic and academic events that are held in the gym.

6   The PTO has new leadership and new activities. One of their greatest accomplishments is the creation of the Student Ambassador Program. Students have been trained to assist with school tours and proudly represent Albemarle School at community functions. Thank you to the PTO parent members and to the leaders, Ms. Nicole Gauger and Ms. Bonnie Brady.

   7        The Thursday make-up sessions have received very positive reviews from teachers and parents. These sessions are offered to prevent students from having numerous, late assignments. Now students are “invited” weekly to attend make-up sessions to motivate them to keep up with their assignments. Some students just need a little extra time to complete tasks and these sessions provide that opportunity. Thanks to all the parents and teachers for their support of this effort. 

  8    Myra Roach and Lindsay Winslow received All-Conference awards in volleyball. Congratulations on this great honor!

  9     Albemarle School continues to welcome new students into its family. We have experienced a 94% growth in the last two years. New parents and students are seeking a trusting, respectful atmosphere coupled with rigorous, engaging instruction and find it HERE!


10      Albemarle School students did great on their end of year tests. These tests compare our students to others around the NATION (not the state). A summary of the test results is shown below:

Number of subtest scores between 80-89th percentile: 67

Number of subtest scores between 90-95th percentile: 33

Number of subtest scores between 95-98th percentile: 14

Number of subtest scores at the 99th percentile: 12

Note: Results are from K-12.

Number of individual students scoring 80th percentile or above on at least one subtest or on the Total Test: 57


We know 2018 will also be filled with wonderful accomplishments!