Inspiring Excellence and Character in a Nurturing Environment!

By: Carol Rajnes, Colt Express

Design Editor

An exciting new school year has kicked off at Albemarle School. The school year started on August 14th with the students being greeted at an open house. Both new and returning students had the opportunity to meet their teachers and the upperclassmen received their schedules and locker assignments. There was great excitement expressed by everyone from preschool to high school and students to teachers.        

On Monday the students were very excited to see both new and old teachers and friends.  When asked if she was excited for the new school year, the green room teacher Ms. Dawn said, "Yes, of course. I enjoyed meeting all of the new students and parents." She also mentioned that she felt her summer was long and that she couldn’t wait for school to start back up.  

For the elementary school (K-5), Mrs. Simpson said that she was also excited for the new year.  She said that she couldn’t wait to meet the new students and work on the new curriculum for the school.  Morgan Lowry in the 4th grade said that she was excited to see her friends and that her summer was too short.  

When asked, Kolyen Edwards, in the middle school said that she was not really excited for school, but she felt like her summer was really long. Along with her, Ms. Cartwright was also very excited.  She said, “I could not wait to meet my new 6th grade class and see my students from last year. I was starting to get bored. During the school year, there is no time for boredom." 

In the high school, Ms. Miller said was that she was excited to see the new gym floor and meet old and new colleagues and students.  She also said, “This summer really flew by." Senior Kaitlyn (Kaken) Riddick said, “I was excited because I actually like school.” She also mentioned being very excited for her senior year and her senior sports season.